Long Alloy Stay
Long Alloy Stay

Long Alloy Stay

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One extra long replacement alloy stay. Compatible with both Full Metal and Poncho Fenders.  For fit instances where a bike requires a stay that is longer than the stock stay. Can also be cut down and used to replace an original length stay in need of repair. 


    • 700x37 is 381mm (15") in length for 37mm wide fenders (Silver)
    • 700x30 is 345 mm (13.5") in length  for 30mm  wide fenders (Silver)
    • 700x45 is 345 mm (13.5") in length  for 45mm  wide fenders (Silver)
    • 650x55 is 381mm (15") in length  for 55mm wide fenders (Silver)
    • 650x65 is 350mm (13.75") in length  for 65mm wide fenders (Black)
    • 700x55 is 381mm (15") in length  for 55mm wide fenders (Black)

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