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Q: What is the PDWarranty?

A: If you're not happy, we're not happy. Portland Design Works guarantees our products for life against any defect in workmanship or materials. Ideally, our stuff would last forever but the urban cycling environment can be harsh. Contact us with questions or to start a warranty claim here. We have your back. Sorry, we cannot process claims without the original item or purchase receipt and are unable to process items returned for warranty without prior notification. Extra shipping charges will apply for international customers.

Q: My gear broke! How do I get it fixed? 

A: While we can't guarantee against theft or damage resulting from crashes, misuse and normal wear, we do offer reasonable repair services to get you and your PDW gear back on the road. If something breaks, please don’t throw it away! We would much rather fix something than see it get buried in a landfill. Contact us with any questions or to start a repair claim. Sorry, we cannot process claims without the original item or purchase receipt and are unable to process items returned for warranty without prior notification. Extra shipping charges will apply for international customers.

Q: I need to return my gear.

A: If you’re not completely satisfied with a product purchased on ridepdw.com, please let us know. You can return it in like-new condition and we will refund the purchase price less shipping costs. If the returned item does not include the original packaging it will be subject to a 25% restocking fee.

Q: How do I avoid purchasing counterfeit PDW gear?

A: Counterfeit bicycle accessories is big business and occasionally we find (or are alerted to) counterfeit PDW products floating around the web. Protect yourself by purchasing PDW gear from us directly or from an Independent Bicycle Dealer (your local bike shop). If you purchase PDW gear second hand, from an auction website or through some other online dealer, we cannot confirm product authenticity without a visual inspection.

If you suspect you have a counterfeit product, we encourage you to try to return it to the dealer it was purchased from. Please contact us with any questions or to report a counterfeit product you found.


Lars Rover - Instruction manual (PDF)

City Rover - Instruction manual (PDF)

Asteroid Headlight - Instruction manual (PDF)

Asteroid Tail Light - Instruction manual (PDF)

Danger Zone USB - Instruction manual (PDF)

Danger Zone - Instruction manual (PDF)

Aether Demon - Instruction manual (PDF)

Mission Control Mount - Installation manual (PDF)

Mission Control 2.0 Mount - Installation manual (PDF)

Headlight Helmet Mount - Installation manual (PDF)

Tail Light Rack Bracket - Installation manual (PDF)


Little Silver - Instruction manual (PDF)

Magic Flute - Instruction manual (PDF)

Ninja Pump - Instruction manual (PDF)

BARkeep Inflator - Instruction manual (PDF)

Shiny Object - Instruction manual (PDF)

Tiny Object - Instruction manual (PDF)


Full Metal Fenders - 700 x 30 size installation manual (PDF)

Full Metal Fenders - 700 x 45 installation manual (PDF)

Full Metal Fenders - 700 x 37 installation manual (PDF)

Full Metal Fenders - 650 x 55 installation manual (PDF)

Poncho Fenders - Road size installation manual (PDF)

Poncho Fenders - City size installation manual (PDF)

Sodapop Fenders - Installation manual (PDF)

Origami Fender - Front fender installation manual (PDF)

Origami Fender - Rear fender installation manual (PDF)

Dave's Mud Shovels - Front fender installation manual (PDF)

Dave's Mud Shovels - Rear fender installation manual (PDF)


Takeout Basket - Installation manual (PDF)

Task Basket - Installation manual (PDF)

Bindle Rack - Installation manual (PDF)


Whiskey Grips - Installation manual (PDF)


Mister Sparkle - Instruction manual (PDF)