Get Ready for Gravel

Get Ready for Gravel

Somewhere in between road rides and mountain biking lives the wonderful world of gravel riding. It’s exactly what it sounds like - taking your rig out on unpaved terrain, whether that’s on a chill ride with friends or multi day tour. 

When it comes to gravel riding, there’s no one right way to ride or show up - gravel is for everybody! However, since you’ll be doing some riding on chunky rocks and mixed surfaces, a little bit of preparation will go a long way and will also help keep the good times rolling.

Here are a few thoughts on what to bring and where to go.


What bike should I ride?

Any wheels can roll on gravel! Maybe the most important consideration with your bike is your experience rolling over the gravel itself. 

Image of a person using a PDW Timber to Town Cloud Cap Gravel Pump to inflate their front tire.

 You’ll want your bike to feel cushy so you don’t feel every little rock, so making sure your tires have a little bit of give to them will ensure a more comfortable ride. That recommended tire pressure on the side of your tire? You’re going to want to be on the low side of that.

Also- don’t get stranded. Bring along a spare tube, pump, and tire levers to bail you out if you get a flat. 

Keeping your hands comfy also goes a long way. Wear a good pair of gloves and treat yourself to cushy bar wrap or grips


What gear should I bring with me?

Image of a rider reaching into a PDW Loot Bag mounted on the front of their bike.

Here’s a handy starter checklist! 

-Bottle cage(s)

-Water bottle(s)

-A flat kit: Tire levers, spare tubes, and a pump

-Headlight: be ready for a night ride… even if you didn’t plan on being out after dark


-An extra layer (stash it away with a cargo setup!)


Image of a PDW ZigZag cage holding a PDW Rose City Bottle.


Image of a person pulling a PDW Timber to Town Cloud Cap CO2 Inflator out of a fanny pack.

How do I find gravel to ride near me? has routes all over! 

-You can’t go wrong with the photos and reviews on, especially if you want to plan a longer excursion.

-If you’re riding in Portland, OR, Gravelland has local tips on hidden gems in and around the city. 

-Your local bike shop probably has some awesome suggestions or even a group ride! 

We hope you have a great time hittin’ the gravel!