Light Options to Brighten Up Your Ride

Light Options to Brighten Up Your Ride

Which Bicycle Light Is Right for Me?

Finding the right lights for your bike can be an overwhelming task given the endless options. Will you be using them during the day, at night, or both? Will you be primarily on dark country roads or on well-lit city streets? Don't stress! We've made this handy guide explaining all of our lighting options to help you determine the best lights for your riding style and needs.


HEADLIGHTS ------------

Lars Rover Power 850 and City Rover Power 700

Ideal for commuting, urban adventures, country touring, day and night trips.

The Power Rovers are high power USB rechargeable headlights that kick out a whole lot of light (850 and 700 lumens.) They have a handy battery meter on top, so you can always see just how much charge you have (this is an extremely handy feature!) These lights are good for almost any type of riding but should probably be run at a lower brightness setting or angled down a bit if there is a lot of oncoming bicycle/vehicle traffic so you don’t blind anyone.


The main differences between the Lars Rover Power 850 and City Rover Power 700 are that the Lars has a brighter, more powerful LED, an alloy head to cool off the more powerful LED, and a higher capacity battery to power the more powerful LED.


City Rover 500 and City Rover 700

Ideal for commuting, urban expeditions, country touring, day and night trips.

The City Rover 500 and 700 feature a similar sleek, simple body style as the Power Rovers above. They lack the battery meters that you’ll find in the Power Rovers, but they have the same quality components and build at a lower price. The only difference between these two headlights is that their maximum lumen output is 500 vs 700.


Kepler E-Bike Headlight

Ideal for e-bikes (obviously), commuting, urban expeditions, and all-weather riding.

The Kepler e-bike headlight is bright, sleek, and [relatively] easy to install. It has a Bosch e-bike motor plug pre-installed so you don’t have to be an electrician to get it working with your bike. That isn’t to say Bosch makes it easy to connect lights to their system. You’ll need to remove your crank arm and open the motor casing to access the light port so you may want to have a bike shop take care of hooking it up. If you have a different e-bike system than Bosch, the plug can simply be clipped off, and the light functions just the same directly wired up.

The Kepler features a European standard beam pattern, which focuses the light onto the road in front of you and prevents oncoming traffic from being blinded. It takes some getting used to if you’re accustomed to the “blast all the light everywhere” style of most bike lights sold in the USA, but people who use this type of light for any length of time swear by them. It is also much more respectful to walkers/other bikers than the standard style beam.



Ideal for commuting, urban expeditions, day and night trips, and all-weather riding.

The Pathfinder USB Headlight is a unique little headlight with a whole lot of technical features packed into a small package at a great value. The Vertical Cutoff Beam is designed to focus the 200 lumen main beam onto the road in front of you and prevents lost lumens that can blind oncoming traffic (similar to the European standard beam pattern on the Kepler e-bike headlight we talked about above.) For daytime riding, the Daytime Running Flash is bright enough to make you seen even on the brightest days. The Battery Meter lets you know exactly how much battery life you have left before needing to recharge. The Pathfinder is designed for daily commuting and rides around town, so the battery is on the small side and run times shorter than some of our higher power headlights, but it’s a great light for everyday jaunts.



Ideal for casual rides around town, day trips, and all-weather riding.

The Asteroid is by far the most low profile, sexy bike light we make. It’s ultra-compact and shines super brightly with high-quality optics so you can be safe and seen. It’s the perfect headlight for city riding where there is so much ambient light that you don’t need a strong beam illuminating the path. Make it a pair with the Asteroid Tail Light!


TAIL LIGHTS ------------


The Gravity+ taillight has a built-in accelerometer that detects deceleration or swerving and automatically changes to a super bright, solid beam to warn following traffic, kinda like a brake light. This light is great day or night on pretty much any bike out there. A lot of e-bike riders prefer the Gravity Plus to hardwiring a taillight to their e-bike system.



The Daybot taillight has a CREE LED to power a 100 lumen Daytime Pulse mode for increased visibility on sunny days (do look directly into this LED! It’s crazy bright!) Switching from the day modes to night modes dims the LED a bit so you don’t blind folks at night. The nighttime modes also conserve battery power. 



The USB rechargeable Io taillight has two super bright LEDs for a great value. It has a quick charge time of only 2.5 hours and three different modes: steady, flash, and pulse. This is a nice basic USB rechargeable taillight for just about any type of riding.



Just like the Asteroid headlight above, the Asteroid taillight is by far the most low profile, sexy bike light we make. It’s ultra-compact and shines super brightly with high-quality optics so you can be safe and seen. It’s great for all types of riding and features a double click switch, like a computer mouse, to prevent accidental ons and offs when you aren’t using it.


Kepler E-Bike Taillight

Small but incredibly bright, the Kepler E-bike Tail Light offers up 220 degrees of visibility. Compatible with any 6V-15V e-bike system, this slick little light is loaded with 3 super bright power LED's. Equipped with a pre-installed Bosch plug the Kepler E-bike Tail Light is ready to plug directly into any Bosch e-bike system. The Bosch plug can also easily be clipped off for direct wiring into other e-bike systems.


Danger Zone

The Danger Zone taillight features two brilliant red LEDs focused with precision lenses. It features three modes for up to 50 hours of run time using two AAA alkaline batteries. The Danger Zone is an incredibly simple, bombproof taillight.


Radbot 1000

The RADBOT 1000 is equipped with an ultra bright power LED and also a large precision reflector so that even if the light isn’t on, you’re still getting the benefit of the reflector’s visibility. The Radbot 1000 comes with both a seatpost mount and a rack bracket so you can mount it directly to your bicycle’s rack.



The Fenderbot taillight bolts directly to your rear full coverage fender, providing bright and theft-proof visibility. Its brilliant red LED runs on two AAA batteries and the oversized precision reflector works nonstop to bounce ambient light for added brightness in low-light environments. Fenderbot installation is an easy DIY project.