Light Nug - Light Mount for Eyelets

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The Light Nug frees up valuable handlebar real estate by allowing you to mount your headlight to any standard eyelet on your bike (or to the eyelet on our Takeout Basket.) It’s a great solution if the stuff in your basket obscures your headlight beam (we like to think of this as anti puppet-show technology.)

The Nug really allows you to get creative with your light placement. Heck, grab a bunch so you can mount a whole arsenal of headlights and be the most well-lit bike on the streets! 


    • Solid alloy mount that bolts to standard bicycle frame eyelets (or our Takeout Basket)
    • Frees up handlebar space
    • Knurling prevents light bracket rotation
    • 26.0 Diameter
    • Warning: Do not use as a step! 

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