Cargo Web

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Durable, and stylish, Cargo Webs are the perfect companion for your wire basket. They take a cue from the marvelous natural engineering of spider webs: strong enough to hold your stuff in place but stretchy enough to accommodate bulky prey, er, cargo.

The 3M reflective strands will sparkle like morning dew when light hits them at night, keeping you safe and visible when riding after the sun goes down.

The Cargo Webs are available in colorways that will complement any rig, from understated black to “look at me” red. Don’t overlook the reflective tag with cute spider icon that ties everything together.


    • Secures precious cargo so it doesn't jump out of your basket
    • Durable elastic nylon interwoven with 3M reflective strands for safety
    • 4 large molded hooks 
    • Dimensions: 15x10"

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