Cork Chop Grips
Cork Chop Grips

Cork Chop Grips

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The Cork Chop Grips are made from a durable cork and rubber compound that offers a gentle and ultra grippy platform to rest your palms. Sturdy machined aluminum alloy lockrings prevent rotation while you ride. The Ergonomic shape of the Cork Chop grips keeps your hands comfortable longer. Cork is a naturally antimicrobial material, and combined with  rubber they provide unparalleled grip and comfort. Now available in traditional cork, or black cork! Coooooooork Chooooooop!


    • Durable cork and rubber compound
    • Sturdy machine aluminum alloy lockrings
    • Ergonomically shaped
    • Weight: 142g (5oz) per pair
    • Length: 128mm (5") each
    • Lifetime PDWarranty