Lars Rover Power 850
Lars Rover Power 850
Lars Rover Power 850
Lars Rover Power 850

Lars Rover Power 850

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The Lars Rover Power 850 is a USB rechargeable headlight with a powerful lithium-ion battery and a CREE LED bulb that kicks out all the light you need. It's equipped with a battery meter on top so you can see just how much charge you've got (preventing you from getting left in the dark.) Its precision reflector provides a nice focused beam of light. The rugged alloy construction is weatherproof and strong enough to handle the abuse of an urban commute. Finally, the simple, sleek body style wonderfully complements almost any bike. 


    • Battery power meter
    • 5 Modes: Steady low (6 hours), Steady medium (3 hours), Steady high (1.5 hours), Fast Flashing (20 hours), Pulse (7 hours)
    • Mission Control III mounting mounting bracket for rough terrain
    • Lumens and burn times certified by Labsphere Illumia Light Measurement System to FL1 standard
    • Li-ion battery, CREE LED, Texas Instruments integrated circuit
    • Weatherproof for all-season riding
    • One second delayed power switch to prevent accidental on/off
    • Light wakes up in last mode used
    • Micro USB charging cord included
    • Weight: 201 g (7.1 oz)

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