Our staff at Portland Design Works loves bikes! We also know how important it is to have quality, long-lasting gear, so we’ve compiled a list of our go-to PDW products to help you select the perfect items.


Outpost Mount

This thing is so useful. It attaches to the side of your basket so you can mount your light in a way that the beam doesn't get obscured by whatever's in your basket. Between work, school, grocery shopping and getting sidetracked by free boxes along the way, I'm usually piled high with cargo by nightfall. The Outpost Mount makes it possible to have a lit path home even though my basket's full up to my eyes with stuff.

Mud Shovels

I have a set of these on my fat tire bike that I use as my winter commuter, but they are so lightweight that I just leave them on all year. In addition to looking cool, they keep the mud and slush off me and my stuff. Plus, they are big enough to put bumper stickers on!



On the two bikes I typically commute on, I have bells. One has the Alexander Graham Bell and the other a King Of Ding. You should ride with a bell, too. Do you want to pass pedestrians and cyclists but like me, don't want to shout, "ON YOUR LEFT"? Then get a bell. It shouts for you and its shout, it's so much better than ya know, actual shouting. Both these bells are brass and gives you a nice, clear, loud DING. Honestly, I can't ride a bike without a bell.

Bonus: if you ding a bell at a little kid walking with their parents, you've delighted the entire family. You can't beat that.

Hot Take

I am a Coffee Drinker. I like coffee day and night. I like coffee on a ride. Taking my travel mug with me as I ride to work in the morning is crucial. I like having access to my coffee RIGHT THERE. I don't need to reach down to a bottle cage on my frame. I can't do that in the morning, you kidding me? The Hot Take holds my travel mug snugly. It can hold a cold can, too, on a hot ride away from work or on the way to meet up with friends. The Hot Take isn't too particular about what you're drinking, it's capable and willing to help when you need it to.


Full Metal Fenders

Our Full Metal Fenders immediately changed my entire commuting experience for the better. Before I got these fenders, I used only a clip-on rear fender that barely stood up to the muck and grime of the city streets of Minneapolis (my hometown) and Portland alike. With the Full Metal Fenders, my legs and gear are much less thrashed in wet conditions - crucial in Oregon, where we get A LOT of rain in the fall and winter. I also love that they have all black stays, because they go with just about any bicycle color scheme! Hands down the best investment I have ever made in a bike build.

Asteroid USB Tail Light

Our Asteroid USB Tail Light is my preferred tail light for a number of reasons that you might find useful too!

I don’t have just one bike, and I also travel and ride other places, so the ability to have lights I can move around quickly is important.
It’s SOOOO bright for how small it is. If you’re riding in dark conditions or find yourself out later than originally planned, it’s always super easy to pack this light and stay safe. Fits in a pants pocket, seat bag, or in my fave- a fanny pack.
Micro USB charge - so simple to power up at your desk during a workday or with a power bank on the fly.
The adjustable mounting bracket fits a wide range of seatpost sizes, which means I’ve never had to fuss about whether or not it fits, or pre-install brackets on multiple bikes.


Takeout Basket

My absolute favorite products are the Hot Take and Full Metal Fenders but Chris called dibs on the former and Kate on the latter so I'm going with the Takeout Basket.

I've had Takeout Baskets on my road bike, gravel bike, and commuter bike. No matter what sort of riding I'm doing it always seems to come in handy. During my commute it's easy to take extra layers on and off and jam them in there without messing with a backpack or pannier. It's just as useful on a long ride. I had a Takeout on my road bike for a multi-day trek from Spokane to Portland and having my sunblock, snacks, extra layers, phone, tools, maybe a beer, etc all right there and accessible while riding was awesome.


Lars Rover

My favorite PDW pick? The Lars Rover, obviously! Besides the amazing name, this light lights up everything and anything I need from the dark backroads to ominous trails at night time. The solid build construction and visible light meter make the Lars Rover my partner throughout the year. The burn time is amazing and it's small enough that I can throw it in my pack in case I'm not sure if I'll get back to civilization before nightfall.

Sparrow Cage

Right behind the Lars Rover comes the Sparrow Cage. I have this cage on my bike-packing, gravel, and fat bike. That just shows you that it transcends all current and upcoming cycling trends that are being thrown at you. While it is sure pretty to look at it is also a top-notch water bottle holder easily securing the bottle over bumpy city streets and rough gravel roads.