Stephanie Ortega

Steph is an interdisciplinary cyclist, artist, photographer, and bike courier living in Los Angeles, CA.

We asked Steph to represent PDW as a sponsored rider back in 2018 because she rides anything and everything and she makes bikes look fun every single day. She also takes really lovely photos.

Everyday cycling means something different in every city. There are different challenges and rewards, vistas and experiences. This year we've asked all of our sponsored riders to share with us their everyday cycling story.

Here's a peek at what everyday cycling looks like for Steph, in Los Angeles, California.

We hope you enjoy the ride with her.
Local Ride

"JPL or EL P Amazing views and always a fun descend."
The Commute

"Usual commute is only about 15 minutes from my house to DTLA to work, grab coffee, hangout. There's an extra 15 minutes in there to grab the cargo bike from storage."
Best Place to Enjoy the View

Inspiration Point
 offers a look at just about anywhere you want to peep in the LA metro.
Favorite place for a drink

Golden Gopher
417 W 8th St
Los Angeles, CA 90014

Photos: Carolina Korman
Who do you ride with?

"With friends, my partner, bike shop rides! Golden Saddle Cyclery tops the list for favorite bike shops in LA."
Photos by Stephanie Ortega, unless otherwise noted.