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    City Rover 700 + Io USB Light Set

    City Rover 700 DETAILS 

    • 5 Modes (burn time): Steady High 700 Lumens 2 hours, Steady Medium 350 Lumens 4 hours, Steady Low 200 Lumens 8 hours, Pulse 600 Lumens 16 hours, Daytime Flash 600 Lumens 36 hours 
    • Lumens and burn times certified by Labsphere Illumia Light Measurement System to FL1 standard
    • Additional 15 minutes in low power safety mode after low battery indicator light comes on 
    • Li-ion battery, CREE LED, Texas Insturments integrated circuit
    • One second delayed power switch to prevent accidental on/off
    • Light wakes up in last mode used
    • Micro USB charging cord included; 3 hour charging cycle
    • Includes Mission Control 2.0 mount
    • Weatherproof exterior for all season riding
    • Weight: 125g (4.4oz)
    • Instruction manual (PDF)
    • Io DETAILS

      • Two super bright LEDs for a great value
      • USB rechargeable battery
      • 3 modes (runtime) Steady (10h) Flash (20h) Pulse (20h)
      • UV proof rubber strap bracket for easy on and off included
      • Seatstay mount included
      • Mounts vertically or horizontally
      • Includes Micro USB recharging cord
      • Weight: 1.9 oz
      • Lifetime Warranty