Four Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day by Bicycle

Four Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day by Bicycle

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Beautiful spring days are built for celebrating by bike. What better way to say thanks to mom or your baby's momma for all that she does than to plan a day enjoying her favorite activities, all by bicycle! Whether she's a casual commuter and competitive cyclist, here are four ways to show her your love and appreciation. 


#1. Order up a fancy coffee to enjoy at a beautiful local park.

Head to her favorite local coffee shop for a cuppa of fancy pour over or french press. Stash it in the Bar-ista, then pedal to the closest public park to sit and enjoy. Bonus points for bringing along a blanket to cozy up on - just roll it up and bungee it to the top of the Everyday Rack for easy transport. 


#2. Pick up fresh goodies from the farmers market.

From the park, find out where your nearby farmers market is hosted and ride that direction. Explore all the goodies produced locally and pick up some treats to enjoy later. Our recommended shopping list: just picked strawberries, a bunch of crunchy carrots, a chunk of nice cheese and a loaf of fresh bread. Haul it all home with you in the Task Basket


#3. Plan a picnic dinner for just the two of you... or the whole family!

Set a picnic table with all the tasty farmers market finds and a few other fixings, depending on the size of the crowd. Surprise her by bringing  some rosé to responsibly enjoy - transport it via the innocent looking Lucky Cat Kit.


#4.  Encourage her get out for a ride while you keep an eye on the kiddos.

For some women, the best way to say thanks is to afford her free time! Offer to help with the kid's homework and manage the chores so that she can use that time to get out for a ride, whether that's spinning around the block or hammering long miles with her team. Make sure that her City Rover headlight and Daybot tail light are fully charged in case she rides after sundown.  


 Thank you to all the Moms out there who make the world go around, taught us how to ride bikes, and encourage us to keep it up as adults!

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